Workout travel guide

We live in a fast moving environment. Everything is on the go. We all have busy lives, careers, and family that makes going into the gym hard at times.


I get asked this question a lot by our members who live a busy -on the go lifestyle. They travel for work or are just traveling for fun but want to stay on top of their fitness.


What workouts can I do on the road? Most of the time my answer is body weight workouts.

Here is a small guide to help you out on your next getaway.

Always be sure you can do these workouts with proper form for optimum results. And always make sure you do a quick warm up to get blood pumping through your muscles.

-warm up; I recommend a heart racer of 15 secs of quick mountain climbers, running in place, jumping jacks and butt kicks.

Workout 1: Just like we do during our sessions set your timer at 6 minutes. Do as many rounds as you can during the 6 minutes until time runs out.

Lunges/ Jump Lunges 10-12 reps without resting in between reps (each side)

-Pushups 10-12 reps no rest period.

-Quick quats/Jump squats no rest.

-Back lunge side to side 10-12 rest no rest (each side)

-Plank to toe touch ( opposite hand opposite foot)

Workout 2: Four exercises do them for 30 seconds, take a quick 15 second breather and continue to next exercise. 8 sets in total each exercise will be done twice.

-Jumping jacks/ squat jack

-Walking lunges

-Push ups

-Plank to shoulder touch(alternating sides)

Workout 3: each exercise should be done by reps, meaning 10 reps on each moment will equal one set. Do a total of 3 set of each exercise, rest 60 seconds in between sets.


-Pushups (12 reps)

-Jump squat(12 reps)

-Bear crawl(12 reps)

-Burpees (12 reps)

-Walking lunges(12 reps each side)

-Shoulder taps (alternating sides)

-Planks (elbows to hands)(12 reps)

-Mountain climbers(12 reps)


Workout 4: Each moment to be performed for 30 seconds and resting for 10 seconds. Quick breather for 30 seconds between sets.

-Mountain climbers (30 secs rest 10 secs)

-Situps  (30 secs rest 10 secs)

-Plank (30 secs rest 10 secs)

-Russian twist (30 secs rest 10 secs)

Workout 5: This last workout should get your heart rate through the roof. Moving at a fast moving pace only resting between sets (if needed). Move as quickly as you can but don’t sacrifice form.

-Bear crawl


-Mountain climbers

-Side lunge

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