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Everyday you wake up with a series of choices to make. If you should snooze your alarm. If you should eat a good breakfast or just go for a donut. The choices you have made up until today have given you everything you have today. Taking responsibility of your current life is one of the hardest things anyone can do.

I for one, blamed everyone else for what was going in my life. I blamed my wife, friends, family and business partners. I never took ownership of my own life and for that reason my life didn’t work.

There are tons of “unicorn fitness programs” right now that somehow, someway will solve all your problems. The era of the unicorn fitness program that solves all your problems is just NOT true.

Basically, No responsibility on you.

I know you see these all over Facebook and they all seem the same.You know the one that has a list of things you will get. No one can give you full accountability, No one! you must first give it to yourself. You must first create a strong mindset of what is to come. Losing weight is NOT easy but not impossible.

At camp xcel, we encourage you to change but we will say it how we see it. We give you the tools,fundamentals and it is up to you to decide what to do with them.

…When you change or try something new things will literally suck! At the beginning of last year I was 95K in debt and didn’t know how I was going to get out of it. I just kept waking up each day and putting one foot in front of the other. Yeah, it sucked. I don’t want you thinking I spent this money lavishly, Business partnership breakup, I invested in myself, Camp Xcel, and my relationship by going to a top program for married male entrepreneurs in the world Called Wake up Warrior.

I had literally created 95k in debt in a matter of 4 months.

This suck only made me stronger.

Everyone goes into fitness thinking they are different. That it will not suck and it will be the most amazing experience ever. At least that’s what the all fitness programs are saying.

I see this every January.

People are super excited and the big excitement wears off after two weeks of “The suck.” It doesn’t mean the fitness program sucks, it only means individuals thinking the change wouldn’t suck. No more drinks. No more eating whatever you want. Being sore. I get how difficult that can be but there is beauty on the other side of “the suck.” This suck almost starts feeling like another job to you.

Most of our successful clients almost always have these 3 things:

Champion Mindset: They all have a champion mindset of not quitting. Quitting isn’t even an option in their mind. Most people are afraid of failing. Last year at this time I felt like a failure but I wasn’t out of the game. I didn’t see multiple locations, I didn’t see all our wonderful clients.

All I saw was a big 95k bill that was owed in credit cards.

The Champion mindset is the exact mindset that vanessa V. has had throughout her experience with us at Camp Xcel. Your life is never perfect. Things never go perfect or as we planned them in our heads. No different for even our most successful clients like Vanessa. But she fights for what she has with her body and mind. She simply takes ownership of her life and recommits. Check out Vanessa’s story here.

Bigger purpose: They have a bigger purpose. Our amazing client Angel came with something in her mind. To be healthier for her two kids. That drove her to wake up early and train when most would just hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. Having energy to keep up with her kids made training a non-negotiable. The side effects of waking up early are losing tons of weight and added some muscle in the process.

Pace yourself: have you ever played dominos before? Where you knock down one domino and it goes to the next and the next and the next…

Well same goes for you and your big goals. When I was 95K in debt I didn’t think about all 95k. I only thought of five thousand dollars at a time. The thought of 95 thousand dollars would make me cringe and feel overwhelmed. This is exactly what Terry did. She had some health problems and knew she had a difficult road ahead of her. Weight loss is not fairytales and unicorns like all the gyms around make it seem. It gets tough. It gets lonely. Those feeling make you want to throw in towel and just give up all together. This is why Terry Came into camp Xcel. She knew it would get tough so she just chopped wood every single day. She knew it would get lonely so she surrounded herself with People like Vanessa and Angel who were striving for more in their lives.


…Like them, there are tons of clients inside our doors who are making transformations in their minds and bodies. I would be lying to you if I said it was going to be easy. Nothing worth having is easy and this applies to the body that you want.


There are many self-proclaimed unicorn gyms around. They promise the world of what they will do for you and nothing happens to you. We are a little different. We give you the tools and environment to strive for greatness but it is always up to you to take advantage.

If you read this far, give yourself sometime to reflect on your prior weight loss adventures. Did you have all three of the “skills” mentioned above?

What could you have changed?

What will you change this time around?

Talk soon,

Eric Escobar
Owner of Camp xcel

PS- Embrace the suck when you start your new fitness goal 🙂 then see your greatness on the other side.

PPS- If you want to see what we are about and are thinking of joining a gym that is “unicorn free” Go here now: Click Here

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