The Three A’s of Fitness


It’s three simple words that I believe to my core and it’s what gives most of our clients’ results. (Long sustainable results)


This is where most gyms fail and it sucks. I’m not saying to be besties at the gym but creating a group of people who want the same thing is powerful. None of our members have ever came into our gym in great shape. They all have battled what you might be currently going through right now (Frustration, lack of confidence, Feeling like everyone will stare at you.) This isn’t like the big box gym where most of the “fit girls” look down at everyone else. Our members, as a unit will push everyone to greater limits which what I think makes our gym so successful. It’s not the fancy equipment, it not our cushioned flooring, its every person who walks in there and doesn’t give up.

camp xcel members working together

This video demonstrates exactly what I’m talking about, the unity and the team atmosphere that pushes everyone to get results.


Where are you at today with your body? Can you be better? If you are reading this odds are you need a little more accountability in your life. It’s so easy getting caught up on day-to-day life that you forget about yourself and your numbers. Our coaches will check in on you and tell you what you need not what you want to hear. There are too many ‘trainers’ who sugar coat things just to get into your financial pocket. Of course our program is NOT free, nothing in life is free but you will get ‘Fluff Free’ advice on what you need to do to get results. This is something that I trickle down to my team members. I don’t tell them what they want to hear, I tell them the truth.


Sometimes you think you are by yourself on an island. I’ve felt this before. “No one will understand what I’m going through.” I’ve proved that to be wrong when I’ve invested in groups and mentors who know exactly what I am going through. These groups and mentors have provided the biggest breakthroughs in my life and I know our fitness program has had the same effect on our members. We are more than a gym; we are a group of people who are trying to improve in all areas of our lives. If you want to improve your body, mindset and relationship I highly recommend you to check this out AND take action

Talk soon,

Eric Escobar

Coach & CEO of Camp Xcel









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