The Story Behind the coach

The story behind the man, the Coach! Many of you know your coach your trainer but do you know the story behind them. What drove this person to help people? what drives them every day to help.

The other day i was asked “How are you always in help mode” and I started thinking to myself. What brought me to be this way? to easily lend a helping hand to so many people.


Let’s take it back a few years- As a kid i grew up overweight not knowing anything about being healthy. I had no knowledge that I was doing anything wrong by eating unhealthy and not doing any kind of physical activity.

Due to my poor health my confidence wasn’t so high, I was the kid that would always hide in the back hoping I wouldn’t get called up for anything.


It wasn’t until I decided to stop feeling sorry about myself and  do something about it and seeked help and completely transformed my body that I started building an unbelievable amount of confidence.

It all started with me changing the way I was thinking that triggered me to actually do something about it.

In all cases in all aspects of life I tell my clients that you first need to work on your mind, the way you think then the results will come.

The minute I changed the way I thought  about life in general everything took a turn for the better.

I was able to transform my body and get in the best shape I have ever been..

From there my whole being and existence just fell into place. My relationships all took a 180 turn. You see when you are not happy with yourself everything around you will make you unhappy.


Since this whole process worked for me I realized it was something I wanted to guide people through. Growing up helpless in a sense didn’t sit well with me. As I got help from my friend and mentor I got the opportunity to help and guide others through this process and immediately fell in love with it.


If someone was to ask me how I feel when someone comes up to me and tells me “because of you and your guidance I was able to do this “ I wouldn’t be able to answer. It’s an indescribable satisfaction, an overwhelming happiness I get from others triumphs.  

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