How To Stop Mindless Eating

We’ve all been there. Getting home after a long day of work. Kicking off your shoes, sitting down on the couch to watch your favorite TV show with a bag of chips, and before you know it.. The bag is empty and you’re left feeling guilty. Mindless eating is just that – eating without paying attention. This could be because you are actually hungry (but just choosing the wrong foods), because you are bored, or simply just because it’s a habit. Before I started my weightloss journey I was unaware of how much snacking I really did. Doubling up on a day’s worth of calories lounging around and munching on snacks. Being mindful of what I was fueling my body with played a HUGE role in getting the results I was looking for.. Here’s a few tips to help you stop mindless eating.

DRINK WATER – Thirst is often confused with hunger. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated. So next time you’re hit with a craving drink some water. If you find yourself still wanting something, then mindfully reach for something that will satisfy your hunger, but won’t hinder your goals.

KEEP TRIGGER FOODS OUT OF THE HOUSE – Do you feel like you can’t sit down and watch a movie without reaching for your favorite snack to munch on? Avoid temptation by getting rid of the option altogether. If you don’t keep unhealthy snacks on hand, you won’t have to go through the mental battle of “oh man I really want this, but I know I shouldn’t..”, and caving on your temptations and ending up feeling guilty.

MEAL PLAN / MEAL PREP – You’ve heard the saying “fail to plan, plan to fail”. Mapping out all of your meals, and having them prepared and packed leaves you with no excuses. People often tell me they are always on the go, so that’s why they feel they are only left with unhealthy fast food options. When you plan out your meals, and prepare your food in advance there are no other options. I have a lunch bag that I carry with me everywhere so whether I’m at home, or on my way to work, or out with friends I always have my food. There’s no need for me to pull into a drive-thru when I have my meals pre packed.

TRACK YOUR FOOD – Some people use journals, or apps like MyFitnessPal. A visual representation of the food you are consuming can be helpful to make better choices

Remember these tips, and think before you bite! This can help you realize if you’re just having a craving and wanting to indulge, if you’re thirsty, or if you’re actually hungry. Being mindful of what you’re choosing to eat will help you make better choices and say goodbye to food guilt 🙂

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