From “somewhat fit” to rocking her bikini all summer.

Vanessa V. a member inside Camp Xcel, who went from “somewhat fit” to rocking her bikini all summer. We asked her a few questions to figure out exactly what got her ticking. It might just be the same thing you are looking for…

What has changed for you to get the Results you have achieved?

Just my mind set in general. Really asking myself where I saw myself health wise. I wasn’t happy. I felt that I was somewhat fit. But I know my clothes were not fitting the same. So it had to come out of me.

I needed to make “me” a priority. I saw that I was making a lot of excuses. So something needed to change.


What made you decide to come in?

As your business grew and you were offering the sessions I saw available for me I’m like “hey I can start again.” Your team and the program you have built it’s so supportive. But it wasn’t until I changed my eating habits that’s when I was like mmmmm ok this works.

Coach Hector was the first one to ask what I was doing about my nutrition because I was doing the workouts busting my butt but Nada (Nothing). So I challenged my self and boom like that now my work pants are falling off… 🙂


It hasn’t been easy, I see that other members are in awwww but it’s like you say if you really want it, you will have results and it’s possible. My drive was not to wear “fajas” any more lol and slowly I don’t need to.

Thanks to the support of your team I couldn’t be happier.

-Vanessa V.

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