Stay on track – Say NO at your Holiday Dinner

The hardest thing is saying NO to your mom at a holiday dinner. Not sure if this is in every culture but Hispanic Moms think you are sick or something if you are not eating “enough”…

Can You Relate?

But to whose standards? I will give you 3 simple ways to say no without getting your mom or grandmas feelings hurt or worried about you this holiday season. Warning: Moms and Grandma’s are persistent. We all know that. In order to even have a chance to say “NO’ make sure you are eating healthy options before you go into “war.”


1. The time Game- I must admit this one is a tough one but when they tell you if you want 3 tamales just say “yes, in a bit.” That will get them of your case and on to someone else. You don’t go against them but you are not out of the woods yet… They will ask again. You have to stay strong and say “a little later…” My mom has pulled this trick on me for years. She is a very persistent woman. #StayStrong

2.  I’m Full- You can use the I’m full trick on them. When they ask you if you are going to eat Posole just simply answer, “I’m full.” This one works wonders. It’s like it short-circuits their brain, they don’t know what to do. They will ask you again and say are you sure? This is where they will test you. You are committed to your outcomes and it will only be a short satisfaction if you have the posole, pastries and tamales but if you stay strong it will be a major victory to you and your will power.

3. Yes, thank you. This is probably the most controversial of them all… All you have to say is yes, thank you. They will bring that delicious pastry from Portos. Now, this is the real test. You will not put it in your mouth or you will lose the “game” and mom wins and your results lose.


In my case, it’s my mom offering and making delicious stuff around the holiday season. She does it with no bad intentions but that’s just the way she rolls… For you, it could be co-workers and friends. Just remember when temptation comes, because it will, what are you ruthlessly committed to? If it’s losing 25 pounds, don’t let anyone or anything stop you until you get there…

If you can relate to this please share it.

Talk soon,

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