San Diego Boot Camp VS San Diego Gym

San Diego Boot Camp Vs. San Diego Gym

There are so many fitness programs out there and you are not quite sure what will work best for you. Do you feel lost when it comes to fitness? So many gyms in San Diego offering all types of different programs from Pilates to strength and cross-fit style workouts… In this post, We will show you what’s the difference between our San Diego boot camp and a regular membership gym.


How many times have you been to a gym without a clue of what to do next?

Or maybe you do know what to do, but you just can’t ‘find’ the energy and motivation to get you moving…
Gyms just give you access to equipment. It’s up to you to keep yourself accountable. Sure, Month one you are pumped. But then the “pumped” feeling goes down. This is when you need a group of like-minded individuals who are look the burn fat and feel better on your corner.


A regular gym doesn’t give you workouts that are tailored and designed to help you achieve your goals. This is where we excel: We have coaches who KNOW you for you and what you can and can not do. In Our 45 Minute sessions they will keep you going, make it fun but challenging. ☺



When you join our San Diego Boot Camp, you are not getting a gym membership. You are getting results through accountability, our training sessions and our professional coaches at each and every workout.
At our San Diego Boot Camp we burn twice the fat in half the time. There is no point in joining a gym and not getting results.

If you have read this far, we are sure you are looking for a place that gives you more energy, helps you feel better and provides a solution to your current problem. We do Not pride ourselves on our state of the art equipment (which is a nice thing to have) we pride ourselves in our clients achieving results.

San Diego Boot Camp

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Working out with a personal trainer can cost you a lot ($400-$600 a month), You’ll be happy to know that our San Diego Boot Camp is nowhere near that cost… Check out our 5-week Challenge at 90% OFF.
We are on the map in San Diego and we don’t want you to miss out…


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