Power Couple Transformation

“I was TIRED  of not feeling comfortable in my own body.”

Have you ever felt this way? That’s what Janet F. said of how she felt before she walked in the doors of Camp Xcel. Along with her on this transformation train was her husband Carlos F. It has not been easy for them. They have 3 kids that all have activities going on throughout the day for them. They have what you call a hectic schedule. Even with a hectic schedule they stayed COMMITTED to the process….

Janet F. “I’ve lost about 35 pounds and 5 sizes in jeans. I went from a size 16 in jeans to a size 11.”

Carlos F. “My goal was to lose weight and look good. 3+ months of hard work and dedication has led me here… 36 pounds down and at this point I really don’t care how much I’ve lost. I’m happy. I’m energized, I’m having fun and I’m proud of myself.”


How did you stay Motivated?

Janet F. answers.. “I have an awesome support system: Hubby, family and coaches supporting me throughout every workout and every time I almost gave up.”

It’s not easy and more than likely the odds are against you. Most people want to make crazy changes to see fast results. We have news for you, it will not work. make a simple commitment to yourself everyday. one foot in front of the other, everyday! It’s not easy but surely not impossible. What truly is easy is giving up, but you are not a quitter and neither was Janet and Carlos. Our recommendation to you is find your inner circle that will push you to do more, be more and suck less. 🙂


What did you change to see results?


Eating Habits

Surrounded myself with people with the same goals.

Now, lets look over their answer on what they change. Some of the most simple yet powerful answer that were ever given to this question.

  1. Mentality: Before anything happens in your body you first have to WIN in your brain. You have to make the mental shift that NOTHING will stop you from your outcome. As a couple they could’ve just thrown in the towel and gone back to eating out and not working out. But they DIDN’T. They recommitted, recommitted  and committed to this lifestyle on a weekly bases. The first battle to win in is in your head and everything else will follow.
  2. Eating Habits: It’s so easy to give on healthy eating habits. Family outings, “it’s summer” and a McDonalds on every corner enticing you to come and try their new something… You should be eating 5-6 healthy meals/snacks a day (Download the Xcel Meal plan at the bottom of this page) If you are gaining weight right now you should read this blog and know the mental shift you have to make to eat better.
  3. Surrounded myself with people with the same goals: Sounds corny huh? Like what difference does it make who I hang out with? It only makes a HUGE difference. Have you ever heard the saying that your bank account reflects the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most make? Well same thing goes for weight loss. If you hang out with 5 people who are not committed to losing weight and feeling better odds are you will be there with them. But what if you hang out with 5 people who want to change, who are achieving change and who are getting results? What do you think would happen? Yes, you know! You would be there getting RESULTS too…


What Janet & Carlos have achieved so far is NOT easy but not impossible. They have committed to the process and as couple have lost over 70 pounds. We are proud and honored to have them inside Camp Xcel and defying the odds that couples with kids can’t change their lifestyle and weight…

Team Xcel

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