Norwalk Personal Trainer Top Fat Burning Workouts

Norwalk Personal Trainer David shows a few variations of workouts in which we will go into detail. These workouts are done by an expert. If you are starting your fitness journey, our coaches will modify these exact workouts for you.

Lunge Variation

The first workout in this video is a lunge variation. The variation is done with a slider which makes core stability and agility crucial. You can purchase a pair of sliders at the Norwalk, CA Lowes. First try this variation without the slider. Once you feel comfortable with the Lunge Variation, go ahead and add the slider. The slider will only move on carpet. Our carpet at this location is foam insulated to protect your knees and joints when you workout.

Knee Tucks/push ups

This is a workout that we eventually want all our clients to get to. I know this may seem impossible now but like all our successful clients, it seemed impossible to them and now they have amazing transformations.

Plank Core Extension

This is an advanced option to a regular plank. It’s the third workout in the video above. Do not try this third workout if you can hold a plank for at least 30 seconds. Do this if you want to step up your game at the gym and feel like doing something a little extra in your next workout.

Plank Core Extension/Knee Tuck

This is another workout that will have you burning fat. No matter which of these 4 workouts you chose to do, take your time and do them at your pace.

Norwalk Personal Trainer

If you are not at this level but you want to burn fat and lose weight be sure to check out some of the top Norwalk personal trainers. We focus ourselves on one thing, giving people amazing results all whole having fun.

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