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Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

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Mon-Thurs: 5am - 10am, 5pm - 9pm

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Norwalk Boot Camp, #1 Fitness Boot Camp!

Burn Twice The Calories In Half The Time With The Number One Norwalk Boot Camp Center

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About Camp Xcel Norwalk Boot Camp

This Norwalk Boot Camp is located on 14515 Valley View Blvd., by the intersection of Valley View and Rosecrans. We specialize in total body transformations and cater to surrounding cities such as La Mirada, Buena Park, La Habra, Cerritos, Whittier & Norwalk.

Our System: You don’t need to be here all day because we know you’re busy. Our sessions are 45 minutes, fast-paced, and the #1 fat burning program around.  We stand by get twice the results in half the time. Most fitness “Norwalk boot camps” require you to bring it weights and a mat. Our facility takes care of all that for you.  All you have to do is show up and take care of the rest. Our proven system will have you feeling better and have you wearing all the clothes you have in your closet. Now that you’ve gotten back to your original weight, you can wear whatever you want!

This Camp Xcel Norwalk location has been open since May 2016. Our Facility caters to all fitness levels but only for those who are serious about getting Real Results because our program delivers the best Results in the Shortest time possible. We tailor our training program to your specific needs and we have tremendous pride in giving you the best possible experience and results.

At our Santa Fe Springs Boot Camp we still believe the customer comes first, you are not just a number in our system. It is crucial for you to get individualized attention. We get you have many options to join a gym: But if you are looking for place where it will be fun to lose stubborn body fat then Norwalk Boot camp is the place. Try out Free 6 week Challenge

Mom of 2 transforms in Norwalk Boot Camp

Norwalk weight loss transformation

Camp Xcel Success Stories

I love working out

I’m not exaggerating when I say Camp Xcel miraculously changed me. I’m a whole new person, mentally and physically. Before joining, I was at my heaviest, I was miserable and had no hope that I could ever lose weight. I kept blaming my thyroid condition & I would use it as an excuse. My health was in a really bad state and my doctor would lecture me. It was really depressing!

As embarrassing as it is to admit, I struggled in the beginning because I couldn’t do some of the exercise or keep up. I cried a few times after the sessions because I wanted to quit & didn’t think I could handle it. Well, it’s been a year now and I can’t believe how far I’ve come! I cry happy tears now when I see my old pictures!

I never thought I would become a success story! I am no longer miserable. I actually love working out, I’m healthy and I shocked my doctor on my last visit. Who knew I could do this?! I’ll tell you who knew… Camp Xcel! I am so grateful to you guys! Thank you for not letting me give up & for making me see and believe that it was possible! You guys are amazing! I cannot picture going back to the way my life was before Camp Xcel. I’m never going back to that! Thank you!

Rocio Perez

I'm down 48 pounds!

Saying Camp Xcel changed my life is an understatement. Camp Xcel has not only made me a more stronger and healthier version of myself but it has taught me discipline and persistence and how to achieve success in all aspects of my life. It has taken the words “I can’t” out of my vocabulary and turned them into “I can”. Through sweat, tears, sore muscles and laughter, Camp Xcel has changed my life.

Pearl Perez

18 pounds lost in 5 weeks

I did the 15in5 challenge and I melted not only 15lbs but 18lbs and lost 2% body fat in just 5 weeks! if I can do it so can you! There was no magic pill, no special powder, it was all done by following the game plan (a balance of meals and working out).

When I first heard about this challenge I knew right away I wanted to do it, I wanted to do this for myself. I right away signed up and attended the seminar where I was given a meal plan, guidance, and lots of motivation from the great coaches. The workout sessions at Camp Xcel are great, not only are you working out and kicking ass but you always have a good time, the environment is awesome and the endless motivation is amazing,the coaches are there to guide you, so you will never feel alone in this.

Now that I’m 18lbs lighter I feel so much better about myself, I feel so much happier and my energy level is higher. Joining Camp Xcel and accepting this 15in5 challenge showed me that nothing is impossible, this has been the best decision I ever mad, Camp Xcel has definitely changed my life.

I recommend Camp Xcel and the 15in5 challenge to anyone who wants to take the step and make the change and wants to see awesome results, by just sticking to the plan you can accomplish 15 and more!

Nelly Morroquin

Norwalk Boot Camp Sessions

Each Norwalk boot camp session is 45 min.

 5:30am5:30am 5:30am5:30am
 6:20am6:20am 6:20am6:20am
6:15pm6:15pm6:15pm6:15pm 6:00pm

Camp Xcel's frequently asked questions

How many days you recommend your clients to come in?

When starting off with our program, we recommend to come in 3-4 days a week. After a few weeks you can bump that up to 4-6 days a week.

Who are your boot camp sessions for?

Our sessions are tailored for women and men who have had enough. They just want to lose weight and feel better (Looking sexier is part of the equation) .

What kind of results can I expect?

Our program is geared towards weight loss and getting defined. You can expect that, only if you do the work necessary to get the results you want.

How soon will I see results?

You can 'feel' results with the two weeks. You will be able to see results within the first month. Your friends and co-workers will give you compliments within 45 days.

What if I have a specific injury (i.e. bad knees or back) or can't perform a certain exercise?

Our coaches will modify a workout for you if you can not perform a specific exercise. Before joining our program check with your doctor to ensure your safety as we do not give any medical advice.

Will I be sore?

Yes, The first week you can expect to be really sore. As the weeks pass the level of soreness will gradually go down.

What do I need to bring to boot camp?

Bring comfortable workout clothes, clean shoes, water and a lot of will to do the work.

How long do the sessions last?

Session are usually 45 minutes. They can run a bit longer or shorter depending on the workout of the day.

Burn Twice The Calories In Half The Time With The Number One Norwalk Boot Camp Center