[Fitness Rant] Momentum to Win 2017

Are you frustrated with this past year? Did you get the results you set out to achieve in 2016? Odds are if you are reading this you are frustrated! This post will still make you win 2016 and CRUSH 2017!

There is still a way to win the year even if you dropped ball all year and DID NOT LOSE WEIGHT.

It’s one simple word. And it’s in the title.




Before you say wow that’s dumb, here me out…

The big reason why you haven’t 2016 is lack of consistency.

  • You gave up on your diet.
  • You gave up on your workouts regimen.


Just do one thing for 2016: Win the Day!

Eat the right foods. Make sure you sweat and then put a win for the day. Do the same the following day.Don’t make it complex… Before you know it you will win the week, win the month and win all 2017!


So we can’t change the past but we can definitely change the future. By winning these next 2-weeks, you will set yourself up for maximum results in 2017. I know most ”Guru’s” say don’t wait until Monday but I will say wait until Monday. Start on Monday and use that momentum to take you into a glorious 2017. Regardless of what type of workout you do this Monday, do something! (Cardio, walk, jog, Zumba, Gym, crossfit, Bootcamp)


If you need a sample meal guide for one week just email me at eric@campxcel.com and put the Subject “FREE MEAL GUIDE”


Adriana Salas in 5 weeks

^^^This same meal guide helped Lucy Paz drop 25 pounds in only 5 weeks and helped Adriana S. get leaner than ever!


We all start somewhere and it’s ok. Here is what’s not “Ok” checking out for the rest od 2016 gain 7 pounds in two weeks and then blaming everyone else for your lack of results. If you have read this far do me a favor. Pledge to workout today! Pledge to eat better today! You and only you are responsible for your goals and outcomes. I hope you get fired up to take action.

Eric Escobar

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