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Meal prep has become a trendy and useful service. Depending on the your budget and needs there are different choices for you. Everyone searches “Meal Prep services near me” so I decided to make it easier on you and create a list of meal prep service in the greater Los Angeles Area.

Top Meal Prep Services Near me In Los Angeles

1. Xcellent Nutrition

They are located in Norwalk, CA and have a range of service from weekly program for fat loss, choose your exact meals online or just walk in any day from 11am-8pm to grab your meals from the “Grab n Go” section. Xcellent Nutrition started with taste and health in mind, so don’t worry about getting bland food. The owners come from a hispanic background and truly stick to their Mexican culture in their meal prep service.

Since I knew people would find this article due to the fact that the title is Meal Prep services near me, I decide to start with Xcellent Nutrition because they are local, reasonably price and fresh.

2. Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is a big online meal prep service. It works on subscription and you can cancel and change your plan directly from your phone. This service is delivered to your door for an additional cost. This is a great option if you are busy and want meal delivered to your door

3. Taylor Made Cuisine

According to CEO Jay Hartenbach “Taylor Made combines the convenience of prepared meals with the personal touch of amazing food and customer service. Best of both worlds!” They are located just right outside of Los Angeles County in NEWPORT BEACH, CA.

4. Icon Meal

Icon Meals is a nationwide meal prep service. It is not near you but you can expect to get it frozen within in a few business days. The have a range of meals from high protein pizza to chicken enchiladas. If you don’t mind getting frozen meals delivered a few days away, then this is an ideal move fore you. From customer reviews, shipping cost can range from $20-$40 per order. They are located in Frisco, Texas.

4. Black Market Meal Prep

This meal Prep service is located in Orange, CA. Your meals can range fro $9-$11 depending on what you choose. You have to order before midnight on Thursday because there is a cut off date. A minimum of 5 meals is required to place an order here.

If you are in Los Angeles and you search meal prep services near me you will see there are not as many options around the Downey, Norwalk, and cerritos area. There are only few options you can choose from. One thing I can tell you is to be sure the meal prep service you choose is credible and reliable. They have to be aligned with your goals, from weight loss to bodybuilding. Do your homework. Make sure they have a grade on their storefront and approved by the health department. 

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