Meal Prep FAQ’s for 2017

Meal Prep FAQ’s for 2017

It seems like time and time again I get asked the same questions about meal prepping…

..And I get it, When it comes to meal prepping things can get confusing quickly and I mean quickly. These questions below are questions I get asked inside our doors at Camp Xcel and maybe they can help you save time and effort by reading below…

“How long should I take between meals?”

You should definitely have your meal every 3-4 hours. Most people give you the whole mumbo jumbo about metabolism speeding up and what not. Here’s the deal, in my experience: If you wait for a long period of time (5-6 hours) without eating you will go eat at the next fast food restaurant you see. Eating every 3-4 hours helps you NOT make “dumb decisions” (Eating bad s*&t like burgers and pizza) You have to stay fueled up. Just say you pump Chevron 91 octane gas in your car and your tank is on empty, what do you do? Do you pull into another gas station brand or stay without gas? It helps you make the best food decisions. Staying prepare will never do you wrong.

“Should I cut off all my carbs?”

No, even if you are trying to burn fat and lose weight this will destroy your efforts. At first, you will see instant progress and then it will get difficult if not impossible to lose 1 more pound. I am not saying to go eat a loaf of bread, so please do not mistaken it. You can definitely add carbs through vegetables, fruits and high quality grains.



“How many times should I eat a day?”

This question has an answer on depending who you ask. In my experience and for best results like many of my clients have achieved, they consume 5 meals a day. I do not mean 5 big ass plates that you are stuffed after you eat two. Yo have breakfast, lunch and dinner. The sprinkle in two snacks in between. Snacks can consist of protein shakes, fruits, almonds and my favorite, peanut butter.

“Are salads good for meal prep?”

You can add a salad for a meal prep program that catered for weight loss and toning. Just limit the dressing and croutons. If you have to choose a time of the day to eat a salad it’s dinner. At lunch a salad will not cut it. You will need a bit more fuel (calories) to get you through your day.



“Do I have to do my meal prep on Sundays?”

You can really meal prep any day in the week. I get it that its all over instagram and looks cool to post all your plates on a Sunday. Some of my most successful clients do it twice a week to keep it fresh. Can you imagine eating chicken you cooked Sunday four days later? Yeah, me neither.

“Is fruit okay for weight loss?”

Fruit is ok for weight loss. The common mistake I see some of my clients doing is eating too much fruits in one day. Your body breaks down fruits into sugars. Just don’t go overboard on this one and eat 4 apples in one seating.

“Do I weigh the protein portion (Fish, Chicken, Beef, Etc…) Before or after its cooked?”


Ok, so say a meal guide you get calls out for ounces, what do you do, do you weight it before or after cooking? You MUST weigh your food after cooking it. Uncooked food has different weight before cooking.

I get this meal prep stuff can get complicated and we are here to you… If you have a question about meals or meal prepping reach out to me at
I encourage you to have healthy meals, move around and workout and the results will be amazing. You will have the best 2017.

See you soon,

Coach Eric

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