3 Step Process to a Body Transformation!

Camp Xcel Client Leonor


Fitness Boot Camp Client Leonor

Leonor: 233 Pounds | Feb 1, 2019

We have a client by the name of Leonor who lost 93 pounds in a little less than 12 months and I want to tell you the 3 step system we implemented. She went from 230 to 137 as of last Friday.

This is based on her experience and the exact system you can use to lose 10, 20 or even 93 pounds like her. I do have to warn you, the three step system is very simple, but it’s not easy. Our fitness Boot Camp Transformation system isn’t complex but will give you amazing results!

Ready? Next is the 3 step system. In the 3 step system we go over exactly what we did with Leonor to lose the weight and based on her goals of looking better but more  importantly, making it sustainable and improving her health.

Step 1: Mindset

When it comes to losing weight this is the one everybody looks over. It comes down to your mindset. Most people want to lose 33 pounds in 2 days. You have to be aggressive with your weight loss but realistic. Leonor averaged about 2 pounds a week. Some weeks she lost 6 pounds and other weeks she lost 0 pounds. The zero pounds weeks are the ones that get your mindset in the gutter. Your body will adapt and you have to stick with the plan. At first when she had her 0 pounds weeks she would freak out. I literally would have to take her off the ledge of quitting. Sure enough, the following week, she would lose a few more pounds. This is a big problem I see, when you don’t see the scale shift what do you do? Do you say, “Ahhhh what’s the point!!!” and go on a binge or do you stick with it.


If you have two consecutive weeks that nothing changes and you’re doing everything possible then we will readjust.


I reminded her of that statement above when she would have a zero pound week. In the first 2 months she dropped 23 pounds including two weeks of zero pounds lost. It takes radical honesty to see yourself from an outside perspective and say, “no, I haven’t done everything.”


Last week when she lost 93 pounds I asked her what made her so committed?

At first I needed the push, but then it wasn’t about anyone else but me. If I said in my mind I was doing one hour of cardio, I did it. Commitment is keeping a promise to yourself. Once you build your promises, slowly but surely, it builds your confidence. Confidence in yourself is key.


I love her idea of confidence and promises. If you say you are going to do something, do it! Stop committing then falling off. It got me thinking of how much you lose your own respect in a subconscious level if you don’t keep your own promises.

Step 2: Pushing Perceived Limits

There is no way around it. At first, She worked out 4 days a week. It literally cost her everything to move when we first started working with her. Leonor is 56 years old and she had a lot of body fat to move around. You see, we didn’t start her off with tough workouts.


All we wanted was for her to move and tweak her nutrition. I still remember the first day we had her doing 30 seconds of jump rope, she looked at us like are you f’ing kidding.


I’m not sure if she broke down after the session but I knew she was being pushed, she was breaking her self perceived limits of what she could do. When things get tough, as humans, we want to give up at the first sight of struggle or resistance.

Fitness Boot Camp client Down 40 pounds - Camp Xcel

June 2019: Down 40 Pounds


I want you to consider this, what if you pushed yourself just 10% more? So instead of doing 10 push-ups, you did 11? This is exactly what we forced on Leonor until we didn’t have to tell her anymore, she just build her confidence and pushed herself. Just remember one thing, you are capable of more.

Step 3: Nutrition

When you do step one right step 3 becomes easy. Nutrition is step 3. I’m not going to say just eat better because that’s what everyone says all across the internet. It a systematic approach. We first assessed what she was currently doing. Based on what she was doing before we started and what was her big picture goal we made up a game plan for her.


She wanted to lose 100 pounds by 2020.


She’s not there yet but getting close! She drank 6 beers every Sunday. We told her the beers have to go for now. Not forever but for now. Nothing else changed. First week down 4 pounds. Not huge but 4 pounds is 4 freakin pounds. After week 2 we suggested  for her to consume more protein. Nothing else. Down another 4 pounds. 1 month in we told her to drink a gallon of water a day. She said good and did it. Month 2 she found it difficult to stay on track with her eating so she outsourced it. Her diet wasn’t complicated and we all know it. It’s Chicken, ground turkey, fish and vegetables. 


She did this for 5 months and then she decided to look into fasting. A fast is a period of time where you don’t consume any food. This was her choice and she asked us if it was okay. We said test it for your body and see how it feels for you. Her first fast was 16 hours and  she said she felt great. So she started fasting 6 days a week. We used a one day reload of good quality calories to reset her body. The way I see things is if you are going to do it once and it works, keep doing it until it doesn’t work. Then she wanted to try a 24 hour fast. Once again, we said test it. The 24 hour fast didn’t work out so well and her workouts and energy suffered a bit so we stuck with what had worked. She also did a Keto type meal plan where she ate very little carbohydrates. Most of her carbs came from Vegetables.


This is the exact process we are using with her and the exact process that we will do to take her to 100 pounds. She has 7 more Pounds to go and I will update you once we hit 100 pound mark.


100 pounds because it’s important to her. These are her results that she has worked so hard for. One more thing I want you to remember, She was and is doing all 3 steps simultaneously on a daily basis. It’s not step 1 then 2 then 3. It’s all of them together.  Finding the right coach or trainer is important but at the end. of the day it will require your commitment, your confidence and your promises to yourself.




Thanks for reading,

-Eric Escobar











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