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La Mirada Personal Trainer explains the 5 key Supplements he recommends to his clients for maximum Results:

What’s up guys, Coach CJ with Camp Xcel. Today I’m actually going to answer our most popular question, which is…

“which supplements I should be taking to benefit me and my fitness activity?”

I’m going to tell you my 5 key supplements that I personally take and I would personally recommend to you guys.

key supplements. I’m going to start from the top, which are the most important:

#1. Protein.

You’re going to want to take protein to help with your muscle recovery. If you work out and you don’t have any type of protein intake after your workout, then it’s going to be a wasted workout. The key to actually losing more body fat and more weight is the absorption of that protein after a workout to help that muscle recover. What I recommend is whey protein, a quick-absorbing protein.

#2. Amino Acids

“Aminos” are amino acids. Branched-chain amino acids is the specific one I labeled here. Aminos are going to help replenish your electrolytes, increase your endurance, and promote your muscle recovery and growth, along with your protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is just basically your absorption of protein.

#3. Multivitamin.

This is not an unheard of supplement; many of you guys naturally just take a multivitamin. But if you’re not, you should, because a lot of these diets that you guys are intaking or we are taking do lack nutrients. You’re not going to get the exact vitamins and nutrients you need in the foods you are intaking, so go ahead and take that multivitamins to benefit you more in your fitness activity.

#4.  L-carnitine.

L-carnitine may be unheard of to many of you. It’s actually a non-stimulant fat burner, so basically it’s going to help convert your fat to muscle energy. It’s not a magic pill; it’s not going to make you feel this boost of energy. But it will help benefit you towards more fat loss. It’ll also help your muscle endurance. It’ll help you increase your endurance.

#5.  CLA.

CLA is going to help support your metabolic activity. Also, it will benefit your fat-to-muscle ratio.

I recommend L-carnitine – it can come in a liquid form along with a pill form. It will have the recommended dosage on the tablet. It will be taken usually pre-workout. Your CLA will be taken with every meal. These other supplements here, it will say on the labels when you should take them and how much per serving you should take.


Our two biggest eye-catchers here are pre-workout – notice it has “Pre-workout?” with a question mark, “Fat burner?” question mark. Pre-workout. People want to take pre-workout usually because they want that extra kick of energy. Usually it’s just a caffeine kick. Usually you’re driving from work or you’re waking up early to work out, to get your workout over with.


People don’t know a lot of these pre-workouts come with a lot of negative side effects. You can feel jittery, you start feeling tingling sensations, bad sensations in your face. You’re also going to feel maybe cramps, you might feel nauseated. A lot of side effects through pre-workouts. The truth is, most pre-workouts are actually beneficial more to men, or they cater more to men because men usually go for vascularity, blood flow, and pumps.


So if you are needing a caffeine kick, just go ahead and take natural caffeine such as maybe coffee or green tea, something along the lines of that.

Now, there is one supplement – I’m not going to tell you brands I recommend; just across the board, you can go into your local supplement store to find your brands. But pre-workout, if you’re looking for a pre-workout caffeine kick, go ahead and buy Amino Energy. Amino Energy is going to have your aminos with caffeine in it, so you take your pre-workout and it will be the best of both worlds. It’s basically going to be your best bang for your buck.

Fat Burner

The last one would be fat burner. Save the best for last, right? Fat burner obviously is going to be your biggest eye-catcher just based on the two words in there: fat burner. People think that fat burners are magic pills. Fat burners are not magic pills. The truth is, a fat burner won’t work because they aren’t magic pills. They’re not going to help skyrocket your weight loss if you’re not actually having a strict diet. If your diet is not clean, on point, then a fat burner is not going to do anything for you. It’s actually going to be just a waste of money.


So fat burners, I wouldn’t recommend it honestly until you’re at least a year into consistently working out, clean diet, you’re on point with your diet, and you just somehow plateaued and you want to lose that extra bit of body fat. Extra bit of body fat means you’re pretty much at the point where you want to get, and you’re just trying to get to that extra point, that extra level.

Other than that, you’re going to want to burn as much body fat on your own that your body can naturally burn off just by having a regular diet and being consistent with your fitness activities.

Okay guys, so there you have it. These are my key supplements, the key 5 supplements that I personally intake on the daily, and I do recommend. All right, we coaches are here to help you. We’re more than happy to answer any of your questions. Please feel free to ask any questions and any comments below. Thank you!



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