The Internal Battle With Being Happy

It’s hard to grasp progress.

As humans, we pick at ourselves.

We bring ourselves down.

We compare ourselves to others.

We never seem to appreciate our successes, we focus on our failures.


One thing I’ve learned after dramatic weight loss, is that the change in your body perception is not instantaneous. I am someone who has struggled with being overweight a majority of my life (That’s me up top), I always assumed “once I’m skinny, then I’ll be happy.” That I would instantly become this incredibly confident person. I couldn’t see my results, even though they were staring back at me in the mirror.

Illustration of a Thin Female Standing in Front of a Mirror and Seeing a Plump Girl in the Reflection

I was so focused on what’s wrong with me, and what I wasn’t, instead of focusing on how far I had come. It’s hard to adjust to a new reality. Self love is SO IMPORTANT. The mindset that you can’t be happy unless you “do this” or “have this” or “are this” is debilitating to your present and future self.

Love yourself. Love your body. Love that you’re making the conscious choice to become a healthier you. Love the progress you have made, whether it’s big or small. Love that you can probably do something now that you couldn’t a few months ago. Be that lifting more weight, or the ability to say no to a happy hour invite with friends.


I’m in the middle 🙂

Wake up every day, look in the mirror and LOVE YOURSELF. Remind yourself of all your hard work! Don’t shoot down your progress just because you’re not “there” yet. If you don’t stop comparing yourself to others, or pointing out your flaws, you will never be happy. Weight loss is a struggle, it takes hard work. But self love takes work too. Love your body. Love yourself. You’re doing this for you. Never stop pushing. ❤️

Thank you for reading inside my mind,

Melanie Molanco

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