The Confusion: Ice Vs. Heat – Revealed.

The confusion: Ice Vs. Heat – Revealed.


Which one do you use for sore muscles?

Which is best for “pain?”

“How Do I use them and when?”


In this post we will to you what they are both for and when to exactly use them….




Cryotherapy (ICE) Vs. Thermotherapy (HEAT)



ICE: Ice is used for injuries.


Ice could be used for a pulled muscle where there is damage to muscle tissue. It is a way to reduce inflammation caused by an injury. (Of course, always consult with your doctor.)


Lets just say this is ‘drugless’ way to lessen the pain caused by inflammation.


DO NOT ice for too long (10 minutes max) or directly on to your skin. It can cause skin burning.

You should Only Ice for the first 48 hours after an injury.




WARNING: Ice can make muscle tension and spasms worse.






HEAT: If used properly, it can be your ‘Best friend’.

It could simply be used on your neck if you are having a stressful day. On your sore muscles when you had a tough workout.

You could even use it on your lower back if you have chronic pain.


low back pain



WARNING: Heat can make inflammation worse. Heat and inflammation make a bad combination. Use ice for inflammation in your body (Injury.)

Heat can be in forms of Icy Hot, Bengay or a heat pad

Example case of a sprained ankle: At first signs, you might think applying heat is the best alternative since it feels better at the time.


But boy are you wrong…


Step 1: Use ice for the first 24-48 hours to reduce the swelling and to calm the pain.

Step 2: Lightly wrap your sprained ankle to limit mobility. You don’t want aggravate it.

Step 3: After 48 hours apply heat.

Step 4: Rest.




^^^The last thing we want are injuries. This is just a sample of how to use Ice And heat all at once.

This settles the ice & heat controversy and how you could use them both to your benefit.





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