Benefits of group personal training: 10 ways it gets you fit

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The hottest trend in fitness today is working out in groups. At Camp Xcel, instructors have seen how well it keeps people motivated and improves their results.

According to the National Federation of Professional Trainers, group training is one of the most cost-effective ways to get expert help for your get-fit journey.

Here is a look at 10 ways group training at Camp Xcel can help you shape the body you want.

1. Save Money

A one-on-one session with a personal trainer is expensive and out of the range of most fitness budgets. Signing up for group training, on the other hand, cuts the cost significantly, often by two-thirds or more.

When you join a group at Camp Xcel, you get the benefits of personal attention from a professional trainer with the cost-effectiveness of a class. You have a skilled trainer overseeing your efforts and providing expert support at a much lower rate than one-on-one coaching.

The trainer will make sure you are using the equipment safely and effectively so you don’t waste your efforts. At the same time, you can learn when the trainer shows others in the group training session how to perform a specific exercise. It’s a win-win all the way around.

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2. Save Time

Participants in a group get the benefit of shared energy. Though when the workout is brisk, you don’t realize how hard you are working. That means you can get major benefit from even a 50-minute session.

Avoid distractions by signing up for a group training session. You can fit it into your schedule just like any other appointment. Much like you add doctor’s visits to your calendar, you can count on the same time for your workout session. This makes it less likely you will procrastinate on your exercise plans.

3. Find Your Tribe

Camaraderie develops when you sweat with a group. You get to know people at all stages of fitness as you share the fun and effort of regular workouts together.

When people know each other, it makes it easier to risk looking silly as they learn new exercises. This sense of belonging from fellow members means you are less likely to drop exercise as “too hard” or “too confusing.”

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4. Stay Motivated

According to the functional training experts at Bosu, people tend to push themselves just a little harder when they exercise in a group.

You are also constantly stimulated in group sessions. There is less boredom because your trainer can incorporate a wide range of exercises. He might rotate circuits, HIIT, plyometrics, and strength training. There is always something new to keep you motivated.

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5. Get Personal Attention

In group sessions, the trainer has a chance to devote individual attention to you during each session.

That provides major benefits to help you progress through your training. Camp Xcel trainer can:

  • Monitor your progress
  • Show you how to use the equipment correctly
  • Get to know your specific needs and goals
  • Answer technical questions
  • Provide personal motivation
  • Suggest additional equipment or foods that can help you make headway

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6. Enjoy Social Time

The social aspect of group training can’t be overemphasized. It gets lonely working out by yourself. Many gym goers report that they give up their New Year’s resolutions for fitness because they hate working out alone.

As part of a group, you automatically have company. It’s built into the program. You are part of a community of like-minded individuals, all determined to get fit and make it through each grueling session. You’ll find that small talk is easy, from “I can’t believe the instructor is making us do that,” to tips for healthy snacks.

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7. Stay Accountable

Human beings tend to become more accountable in a group setting. That means you’re much more likely to show up for a workout session if you know others are expecting you. According to Shawn Dolan, Ph.D., R.D., adding the accountability factor is a major reason people succeed with their fitness plans.

8. Give and Receive Support

The trainer is in charge at every group training session, providing guidance, demonstrating exercise, building out the training plan over the weeks of the sessions and monitoring individual progress.

But much of the effectiveness of these group sessions comes from the personal support that participants give each other. Each of you benefits from the experience of the others and the interest each person shows. An example of an obvousl ways that one participant can offer support to another is help figuring out how to use fitness equipment.

But support comes in other ways too. For example, if one member has given up smoking, she can give you practical encouragement with your efforts. If one person is consistently losing weight, she can share her meal plans. Just the act of sharing wins and fails on the diet front gives everyone in the group session support to continue eating clean.

9. Keep Your Focus

Have you tried working out at home before work or during the day?

You know how easy it is to get distracted. The phone rings, Facebook grabs your attention. People will do almost anything rather than exercise. You can easily convince yourself that cleaning out the junk drawer in the kitchen is way more important than doing crunches in the living room.

You never have that problem when you sign up for group training at Camp Xcel. For the entire period, your trainer keeps you working hard. The tight programming, which includes workout and recovery periods, takes all your concentration. When you join, the only thing you do during a session is workout.

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10. Improve Your Mood

Exercise helps even out your moods and improve mild to moderate depression. But you need to actually do the exercise in order for it to work. When you attend sessions regularly, you are helping your mind as much as your body.

According to a university study, new moms who were part of a group exercise session were less likely to experience postpartum depression than moms who didn’t train with others. Other studies showed that women undergoing treatment for breast cancer reported a greater sense of well being, both psychological and physical, when they went to group training sessions.

There’s strength in numbers! Come join one of our popular group personal training sessions at Camp Xcel. Find friends and motivation as you learn the most effective ways to get in shape. Check out the video below to give you glimpse of Camp Xcel.

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