Commitment V. Accountability

Commitment V. Accountability

These are two words that are thrown around back and forth in fitness…

Are they the same thing?

What are they to you?

These two have very different definitions and meanings. You can’t have one before you have the other.

Commitment– The state or quality of being dedicated to cause or actively regardless of mood, feeling, circumstances…

Accountability– The fact or condition of being responsible.

There’s a big cry for accountability in today’s fitness market and I get it.


People want their coaches and trainers to hold them to a higher standard. Here’s where things go wrong: When people want accountability what they are really wanting is someone to save them. The want some one to tell them that everything will be ok, someone to do the work for them, someone to tell them exactly what to eat, Someone to walk behind them everyday and smack that donut out of their hand at 6am.

I didn’t get results because my coach didn’t hold me accountable.

^^^Read it again!

Sounds funny right? That’s the story that 99% of people who don’t get results from a workout regiment will say. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gym, trainer, crossfit or bootcamp, the first story is to blame someone else for the lack of results. I know, I’m guilty of doing this myself.

The real issue becomes commitment!commitmentoptimized-300x200

No one else can give it to you. You can’t go to the local Wal-mart and buy it. You can’t borrow it from someone else.


There can only be accountability when you are without a doubt committed to getting the results you desire.

Say you’ve been working out 4-5/week and you feel lazy one day- that’s when accountability comes into play. Your coach or other members from your gym should be there to support you, pump you up and get you excited to show up. It can be as easy as someone checking In to Facebook that they are their favorite gym.


Now, lets turn it to the other side of the spectrum. You start of strong working out 4-5/week. Week #2 you only come in 3/week. Week #3 you skip out. Week #4 you only exercise once. This is when commitment comes in- Is your reason why you want results bigger than your excuses?

Most of the time people will blame life… Welcome to life! You have to do the work regardless of feelings, thoughts and mood. There will never be the perfect day or the perfect circumstances to workout and train our body- push through and stay on your commitment.

Commitment comes first, then and only then, can there be accountability.

We don’t save, we motivate. ☺

Eric Escobar

Check out Ricardo’s commitment. He is now 101 Pounds down today.


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