[Case Study] How Ricardo Alvarado lost over 100 pounds


Ricardo started with an itch and a feeling to lose weight…

From that feeling arose a desire and determination. It all started with a Facebook post and a blog like the one you are reading right now.Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 3.38.24 PM

Ricardo first decided to make a commitment to himself. He came in, followed the process and took action DAILY towards what he desired. When it comes to a ‘losing weight’ most people stop at the first sign of stress or struggle. They don’t take action daily. Some days you might see progress other you won’t but you have to keep moving forward.

With people giving up so easy we asked Ricardo,

How did you stay Motivated?

“The coaches Kept me going with their advice and being in a group atmosphere helped me see others doing things that seemed impossible at the time and now I can do them too. I also wanted to motivate my family to be more active and show them that it’s not impossible to lose weight. It takes determination and motivation”


…And don’t get it twisted, it didn’t take Ricardo 2,3,4 years to get this done…

“I started on June 26, 2015”

That’s less than a year (11 months) to lose over one hundred pounds. That’s an average of 9 pounds a month. I guarantee you there were days that Ricardo didn’t feel like showing up and preferred to just eat a burger. The crazy thing about Ricardo is the way he fell in love with the process because he loved the results. For most, me included, we want the results but we hate the process.

You don’t have to love the process just love the results.


Do you want to know the hardest part of working out and getting in shape?

It’s the story you tell yourself 1-3 hours before you actually get to the gym. You start by saying you deserve a rest day, cheat meal or ‘something’ comes up… Am I right? Think of the last time you skipped a workout? You beat yourself a few hours before your ‘scheduled’ workout session and you don’t show up.


Ricardo Still wants more! Most people would be content after they hit their ‘goals’ they and then fall off… So here what you do so this won’t happen to you:

You adjust and set NEW targets.

Ricardo’s new outcomes:

“I want to lose 15 more pounds, lose more belly fat and build more muscle.”

Most would say it’s extreme after losing 100+ pounds but Ricardo made a commitment to himself and doesn’t want to revert back to his old self.

Ricardo’s journey started with one thing- a highly educated leap of faith (Which I will ask you to take at the end of this post.) He came in first checked us out and then took us on our offer. I know there are bunch bogus places out there right now, offering quick fixes and shady tactics to get you in the door- Everyone is out for a quick buck. I get that and it makes everyone distrust the ‘fitness’ world.

I want you to try us out for FREE for 10 days. No risk or obligations on your end. I will tell you one thing, once you’ve tried us more than likely you will be hooked. [Fair warning]

Ricardo you are badass and we are happy to have you in our Xcel Team

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  1. Elsa on

    Way to go Ricardo, my morning partner (along with Carla lol) i knew you were gonna do great when I met you last year in August. You’re a motivator for me. Keep doing your best, and ill try to keep up lol. Love ya!! Xoxox Elsa


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