There was always a huge gap in the fitness industry. Personal training was only for the selected few simply because it was just too expensive! Besides from the high=end personal training package you were stuck in a big box gym where no one cares about you or your outcome.

Here at Camp Xcel your outcome for us is our number one priority. You come to get help, lose weight but we go a little further…

We want you to fit into the dress you use to wear just a few years ago before you gained the pounds!

You know the one you have in the closet and you say, “I’m going to wear it when I get on a diet!”

^^^Sounds about right?

We get it…

You let the years and months go by but today you are looking at this page because you are ready for change

The Solution: Our coaches have real life experience either changing their own body or transforming clients’ lives.

We will have you wearing that sexy black dress and stunning your husband once more in NO time. Who knows you might even drop a few dress sizes without giving up chocolate

The systems we use cuts the extra BS that is out there and delivers an outcome.

So If you want to get into that little black dress And have your husband go GA-GA, you need to drop your email address in here and we will contact you to take advantage of our 1 week offer.