9 Lifestyle Hacks to being Happy

There were days I wasn’t happy. There are still days I am unhappy. Self Doubt starts to kick in. Fear crawls into my body and stops me in my tracks. These hacks have helped me move faster, love more, and appreciate what’s around me.  A big difference between a good and bad day for me is how I see a situation.. Here are 9 hacks I do to have a great day regardless of what comes my way.


Wake up Early

There are people who hate working out early. I was one of them 26 years of my life (I am now 28.) I’m up by 5:00am and this has made a huge impact on my daily outcomes. I don’t feel like if I’m running around like a chicken with his head cut off. I wake up and have time to do the rest of these “hacks” and still have time for work. Beat the sun.


This has been a big one for me. I do it alone right after I get up. It gives me time to reflect on my career, my family and whom do I need to become to go where I want to be. If you want more in life, you will have to change. This is my time and I hold it very sacred. I notice when I skip out on this I don’t feel as connected to my inner voice.

Gratitude Text

One text a day to some you really care about. Let them know how much you care, why they are important in your life, and how much you appreciate them. Not just “I love you” text. This my seem small and insignificant but over time it becomes as big like a snowball rolling down the mountain. Start now. Do not expect that person to reply the same way… Just do it for you 🙂 Be selfish.



It doesn’t have to be a 10 mile run or big powerlifting day. It could be a workout anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour but make sure you sweat. This one impacts all other aspects in your life, (Work performance, relationship, attitude, connection with yourself) not only your body.fitness-boot-camp-camp-xcel-south-gate
Yes you should have a protein shake daily. I usually have it after my workout. It fuels your body to tackle down your day. This my favorite- Chocolate and Peanut butter


Grab a book or an audio book. Grab something that interest you. For me it’s self-help books, sales, marketing  and Fitness training audios. Read what you like and extract the lessons from it and how you can apply them to your life. A great app for audios is called Audible straight from Amazon.4d52e874c3dc922920406e56f1fee219

Avoid News

The News sucks. It really does. It makes you feel bad about the world because they only give bad news. Rarely do they ever give a good story. Stay away from the news at all cost or be ready to feel sad all day.news2


When you get stressed or annoyed your breathing usually changes. You tighten up and your breathing pattern changes. Take 4 minutes and close your eyes and breath. This creates space for you to make the right move.

Let it Go

I find myself worrying about small stuff in life. The only thing you can control is your behavior towards a situation. Let the small stuff go and use that energy to connect and love more. Think about it? Will it REALLY matter in a year? The disney Movie Frozen really knew what they were talking about.

Bonus: Meditate

I don’t say mediate in a religious way. It kind of goes back to breathing. The big reason I do this: It helps me create space from when something happens and how I react. It is so easy to get mad at other people for stuff that bothers you but just remember that everyone always does what they think is the best for them at that exact time. Think then react. benefits-of-meditation-2
These are all “hacks” that I use to live a better life and connect more with the people I love. I’ve paid mentors for some of these “Hacks” and I’ve read and applied them myself. Try a few and see how your life will make small changes…

Talk soon,

Coach Eric – CPT







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