8 Sins to Weight Loss

There’s a whole lot of junk floating around on the Internet right now. From super teas that ‘help you’ burn fat to famous but non-effective wraps. I recently returned to working out at a big corporate gym and the ‘tips’ and info that is out there is NOT good to say the least. If you learn anything from this post it’s keep it simple and do the daily work while avoiding these 8 Sins to weight loss…

Skip Training

I hear this too much, “I’m to busy.” (I used this one) Or “I’m ok with 2-3 times a week.” So you skip 4 training days in the week. You worked out less than 50% of the week. When you first start a training program you will be able to get away with 2-3 times a week because your body isn’t use to much, but when you want to take it to the next level and REALLY get serious about your body, you need to train 5-7 days a week.

Not Eating

This is a little sneaky conversation I’ve had with quite a few people inside Camp Xcel. They eat once a day and expect crazy weight loss results. Now let me tell you what really happens when you skep out on eating: Would you take your car with a quarter tank of gas on a drive from LA to Las Vegas? NO, unless you like getting stuck out in the desert with NO gas. Same thing goes for your body. Think of your body as having an internal gas tank. How do you expect it to operate at an optimum level if you don’t fill it up? Fill it up with the right foods and workout and you will see results and fast.

Eating the wrong foods

Do you think salads will do it for you? Salads are great way to reduce calories but the issue with most salads you buy at your local fast food joints is they are stacked with calories. You go with croutons, dressing and craisins and you would’ve been better off eating a burger. Skip salads and go for high quality protein like chicken and fish with brown rice/quinoa.


You will easily lose the battle of weight loss if you are surrounded by negative people. This is how it usually works with negative people around you, they get jealous of your new commitment to yourself and they will throw jabs and low blows to sabotage your will power and new commitment. They say things like, “You don’t need to workout anymore, you look good already.” “Are you only eating that?” Then the super-negative take it a step further. Say you didn’t lose weight in a week or two they will tell you, “You see, that’s why I don’t do it.” They want you to give up.

Doing it Yourself

There is nothing tougher in this world than trying to do things by yourself. Just a few months ago, I was off in a few aspects of my life, fitness being ne of them. I wasn’t where I wanted to be and I needed help, and Fast! I started reading, I went to 4 day hands on course, I joined a group-training program, I started hanging out with my friend who helped me get over my mental hurdle that I was too busy to workout. I still thank him for getting to take action daily and he helped me have the fire I have today. I even found more support as my girlfriend and I have pushed towards working out on a daily bases. My BIG recommendation for you: Find a mentor, find a coach or find a program. It’s much easier to hunt in a pack than doing it solo.<

Not lifting weights

Zumba will not do the trick. I have this conversation daily. Women telling me that they do 1-2 hours of Zumba or cardio and they still can’t lose weight or have the ideal body they want. You can keep doing Zumba if you like but to get that toned, defined look, you need to add some weights to your daily workout activity.


This is a known issue that goes on in the weight loss world. In order to achieve long and sustainable weight loss results, you need to cut all sugars or do you? Obviously, you shouldn’t drink soda or candy but what about fruit? Here is where you can add fruit to your daily diet- before or after your workout or in the morning. You shouldn’t have it right before bed. In a quick summary here is why sugar is not good for you when it comes to weight loss: Your body uses sugar as energy when broken down. The fat in your body is also stored energy. So if you consume large amounts of sugar your body will automatically try to burn off the excess sugar you consumed before it burns the stored fat in your body. Limit your sugar intake and you will see miracles happen in your body.

Lack of Commitment

This is probably the biggest sin of them all. Without this one nothing is possible. People tell me they are ready to do whatever it takes to lose weight but then they don’t do whatever it takes. They tell me lines like.” Well it’s the weekend.” Or “I don’t have to workout everyday, right?” They try to convince themselves that it’s okay. Change your commitment and the results will come. Commitment is a crazy thing. There is no half way or kinda’ in. Your either fully committed or your not. There is no half way.
Hope this helps you on your road to a better body.


Thanks for reading. Any questions email me at Eric@campxcel.com


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