6 Things That Get You bloated and what to do about it

Not again! You ate something that backed you up. Constipation and bloating is a common problem where people find it difficult to have bowel movements.


Symptoms of constipation are bloating, gas and some pain passing a bowel movement.

So what seems to cause this and how can you avoid this?

Here are 6 things that are probably causing you to feel bloated right now.

Red Meat

It’s high in fat which takes much longer to digest. Everyone has their different opinions about red meat, but as far as constipation, you greatly improve your chances of being constipated. Red meat may also indirectly reduce a person’s total daily fiber intake by taking the place of higher-fiber options in the diet.


Coffee can either help or worsen constipation depending on your hydration level. Caffeine naturally dehydrates you. So when you drink your coffee and you are dehydrated, it will only make constipation worse. 


This one is pretty simple and is similar to caffeine. When you drink alcohol, you lose vital fluids from your body when you go to ladies or gentlemen room. This can vary from person to person but the facts.

Lack of Exercise

Exercise and moving gets everything flowing. Exercise reduces the time it takes for food through your large intestine. (Another win for working out.)


Everyone has stress is their lives but stress comes with a lot of side effects including constipation. Your brain and your gut are synched up more than you realize. So when you’re stressed out, it actually causes spasms in your gut,

If the spasms are widespread, your whole colon is contracting, everything will move along quickly, and you’ll experience diarrhea. However, if the spasms are only happening in one area, it can hold everything up and aggravate constipation.

Low Fiber Nutrition

If you are eating a lot of cheese and meat this can be a problem. Basically any diet that is very high in fat like the all too common Keto Diet. Most people do not consume enough fiber. While the keto diet can be a way to reduce weight, you also have to be sure to consume fibrous foods like Avocado,  blackberries, Split Peas and Chickpeas.

Now What can you do about it?

I just want you to think of plumbing in your home. If things aren’t flowing in your plumbing there probably is a problem that’s holding everything back or making it move slower. Your body is no different. The first thing you could easily do is increase you water intake.

Make a conscious effort to drink more water throughout the week and then see how you feel. Cut down read meat and beware of foods that make you feel like this. This is one big reason why I stopped eating brown rice. I couldn’t give you a scientific answer but every time I eat brown rice I get bloated. So, no more brown rice. Next time you get a bloating sensation back track and take a mental note of what you just ate or did.

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