5 Stories That Are Ruining Your Results …


5 Stories that are ruining your results.

When you lay in your bed thinking about tomorrow, you always have the best intentions… To Eat better, Workout, Drink more water and go to bed early.

The ideas are great!

But it doesn’t happen… You do the same Ol’ thing you did yesterday and the same thing you did the day before that.

Here are the 5 stories that are ruining your results.brain-reading

1.“I have no time.”

Have you used this one before?

Barrack Obama Runs the United stated of America. Of course he has a team of advisors but the fact is this, He works out and eats healthy to stay at the top of his game doing the president stuff.


If you are busy, you shouldn’t spend more than one hour 3-5 a week to see great results. That’s what we recommend at Camp Xcel.


You don’t need to be in the gym 3 hours a day, 7 days a week.



2.“Today is the Day!”

This is the home run approach and it’s also a story you are telling yourself. What you want is to do everything perfectly: To Eat better, Workout, Drink more water and go to bed early.

What happens: We do everything right for 2-3 days then you start going back to your ‘normal’ ways.

What to do: Hit singles like in baseball. For a week, focus on your one thing. Yes, just one. You want something that will be a sustainable change for the long haul. If its adding more greens to your diet, have a green smoothie every day in the morning.

Kale. Spinach, pineapple, cucumber, broccoli, ½ apple

This by itself will give you an empowerment on your day and will have you getting closer to your results.

Simple singles = Doing something small that will create a big change in your life.



3.“I will be the most out of shape one there!”

Look, we get it…

Going to a gym is intimidating. You might imagine a bunch of ‘buff’ men with big weights doing big stuff.



Or everyone just stares at you?

Yes, there are gyms like those.

…But there are tons of gyms filled with uplifting motivating people who are on the same mission as you.

To feel better and to get Results.





4.“I deserve…”

This is the number one line that ruins all results. You are doing great. Then this result killer comes into play. Your brain tells a story that you..

Deserve a cheat meal.

Deserve a rest day.

The truth is that your brain is a liar. You lie to yourself.

If you are getting results and seeing progress why would you stop now? Think about it…

Next time you tell yourself this story. Stick to your guns. Your brain is wrong.



5.“One more hour.”

Yes, One more hour of sleep …
Your body needs sleep to get results. But here is where the problem is… At night, you are watching Netflix or searching the web.
11pm becomes 12.

1AM become 2AM



And NOW you want that extra hour of sleep.

The solution: Turn your TV off. Put your phone away. Get your rest to have the energy to tackle the following day at the best of your ability.

These are stories that we tell ourselves on a daily bases. Know when they come and simply do the work to avoid them. Now you are prepared to fight your brain. 😉

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