5 Day Workout Guide While On Vacation

Hey It’s Coach Eric

You’ve been hitting the gym hard, you’ve been getting results but now you are going out of town and you are worried about all your progress going away…

I’ve put together a 5 day workout plan to help you stay on track and come back like if you never missed a beat. This is NOT a substitute for poor eating. While out of town be sure to find healthy alternatives (Do a goggle search for healthy options while on vacation) and stay hydrated.


Throughout your trip you should get up earlier than everyone else around you as will need to create time to squeeze in a workout. DO NOT leave it to chance or I’ll do it later because you won’t. The main objective of these workouts is to ensure you sweat while you are out of town.


A Rep is the Number of times you will perform the workout. Example 10 Reputation equals 10 times. A set is the series of repetitions.

Day 1 – The 50 Challenge


50 Reps Alternating Lunges

50 Reps Squats

50 Reps Push-ups

50 Reps Sit-ups

Try accomplishing each set of 50 without stopping. There should be minimum rest between sets. I know it may seem simple but you will be jet lagged and have other priorities as you are arriving to your destination.



Finisher: 1-mile RUN, not Jog.  (Fastest pace you can)


Day 2- Upper Body Pump

Each of these workouts should be performed with weight. Make sure it’s weight that isn’t to light/heavy and you can perform 10 Repetitions.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press- 10 repetitions/ 3 Sets

Lateral Raises– 10 Repetitions/ 3 sets

Front Raises- 10 Repetitions/ 3 sets


Dumbbell overhead Tricep Press– 10 Repetitions/ 3 sets

Dumbbell Bicep Curl- 10 Repetitions/ 3 sets


Band Chest Press- 20 Reps/ 3 Sets

Band Back Row- 20 Reps/3 Sets


Finisher: Leg Raises- 30 Reps/ 2 sets — Plank- 1 Minute/ 2 sets

Day 3- Squat & Booty Day

If there is a squat rack around use it. If not, hold a weight around your chest area to add some resistance to your squat.

Warm Up: 1-mile jog/walk


Squats with weight- 12 Reps/ 6 sets

Lunges (No Weights)- 20 reps/ 6 sets

Jump Squats (No weight)- 80 reps/ 1 set


Finisher: Sit-ups- 30 Reps/3 sets —- Plank 1 minute/ 3 sets — 1 mile jog/walk


Day 4- Quick Back Attack


Warm up: Jumping Jacks (Non-Stop) 1 Minute


Band Row

Single arm row- 10 Reps Each arm/ 4 sets

Dumbbell Deadlift– 15 Reps/ 4 sets

Bicep Curl- 10 Reps/ 3 sets


*Band Bicep Curl- 15 reps/3 sets


Finisher: 30 second Mountain Climbers/ 6 sets

Day 5- 100 Challenge



Warm Up: Running in place 1 ½ Minutes


100 Sit ups

100 squats

100 seconds of plank

100 Push-ups


You can break these up in sets of 50.

Thank you and Enjoy this while on vacation or if you just want to do something different…


Any questions you can call me at 562.250.7487

Eric Escobar – CPT


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