3 shocking Reasons Why You keep Gaining Weight.

Here’s a list of things that have hindered my results in the past and I wanted to share them with you. One of the three might resonate with you…

Honesty To Yourself

Most people DO NOT want to accept reality. They think things will get better. Somehow someone will come and save them. When it comes to fitness the coach or trainer that says they can save you is lying to you. Only you can save you.


At Camp Xcel, we give you the tools and guide you to achieve greatness in your body but we will not save you. The way to stop gaining weight is accepting reality. I get it. You’ve gained a few pounds over the years, your taste buds are into super greasy stuff, and you haven’t seen the gym floor in quite a while. Know your facts and make small improvements to make the change to a better body on a daily bases. Only you know your reality – stop hiding from it.

Not Going ALL IN

You’re going to the gym 3 times a week and your ‘kinda’ eating right. First off, if you want to stop gaining weight you have to go all in on your workouts. Go from 3 workout sessions to 6 workout sessions a week.

Let me fill you in on a little secret: You can’t MAINTAIN your weight. Your weight is like your bank account.how-long-can-they-freeze-my-bank-account_8b6d889f-2c5c-47ac-80ce-26ccb920d694

It’s either going up or down, there is no staying the same. Next time you hear someone saying ‘oh I’m just maintaining weight” call BS on their story. It only means they’re doing nothing about their weight and their current situation with their body…Have you said that line before?

Now back to the ‘kinda’ eating right. Kinda means I’m not really committed to my reasons for wanting to have a better body. I always love the people who tell me I’ve done everything you’ve asked and I still can’t lose weight. My following question I ask, “How was your eating this past weekend?”

Well I had a few cheat meals but it’s ok because it’s the weekend.

I get it. It’s the story everyone wants to give that it’s the weekend… BUT

Your Results Do NOT care if it’s the weekend.

Go ALL IN to your commitment to yourself regardless of how you feel or the WHAT day it is in the week. Go ALL IN.

Listening To The Noise

Your friend tells you that the program you’re doing doesn’t work. You see this cool program/video on Instagram and it makes you double guess what you are doing to achieve your results.

Stop listening to the noise!Annoying-noise-001

Concentrate on what works for you. Inside my team we have all have different opinions on workouts and each one of us works out differently: I personally do boot Camp And Crossfit Sessions. Coach Hector hits the weights at the local gym. Coach Guillermo mixes in some boxing. There is no wrong or right way. Do something that challenges you and that you enjoy. Here’s the simple question that will make it easier on you, “Did I sweat today?” don’t over complicate it, listen to your voice and what works for you— Stop listening to the noise.

Maintaining weight is not true. Are you going up or down?

Are you sweating today or doing anything to stop gaining weight? Many people have found our program to be their way to lose weight. If you have not found your way and your voice is telling you to get moving, I’m going to BRIBE you with my 10-day FREE trial.

Coach Eric Escobar


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