2017 Fitness Checklist

2017 Fitness Checklist

I want you to be prepared for 2017 when it comes to your fitness and results. There will be a lot, and I mean a lot of BS out there promising you to get into better shape overnight. I made a list of 9 must haves in order to prepare you for long-term success. I want you to lose weight, toned up and stay that way. Yes, I don’t want you losing weight and then adding it right back.

1. Dress for success

This is a term that is largely used in the business world. You must wear the suit and tie to feel successful. Most of your actions in your day are based on how you feel. I want you to dress apart. Wear the matching shirt and running shoes. It will prepare you mentally for what is to come. I want you to sweat in style not in your high school senior sweater.

2. One small Change

This is where most fail. I’ve only seen a very small percentage succeed by going cold turkey on everything. Lets just say you haven’t worked out in a very long time (6 months-1year) and you drink alcohol every weekend. What most trainers will tell you is to stop all alcohol and start working out every day. But you see, reality has a way of kicking you in the face when it comes to the perfect trainer lifestyle, you’ve made one change, you started working out. Little by little you will cut the drinking. Before you know it, you will not want to drink because it will mess with your fitness game. Most of these Instagram trainers talk out of theory what they would have people do. What I say about one small change has created long sustainable results for many of my clients. I am talking about the long game. The next trainer that tells you to cut everything, you better run and run far…


3. Workout Shoes

Invest in yourself. Don’t just buy new shoes to buy them. Find a pair of comfortable running shoes and workout shoes that will get you motivated to put those suckers on to go for a run and workout.

4. Gym buddy

Find yourself someone who will make you commit to showing up even if you don’t ‘feel’ like it. In my 10 years experience of coaching clients, I have found that most people show up because my team or I are waiting there for them to show up. Inside our doors, members hold other members accountable. You start hearing stuff like “I’ll see you tomorrow at 6pm…”


5. FitBit/I watch

You should start tracking what you do and how many calories you burn. I am no math genius but weight loss comes down to numbers. You have to burn more than you consume. Track how much you are burning in one day and you shouldn’t be over exceeding those calories for the day. I personally have an I watch and many of my clients have their fit bits to keep them on track.

6. Food Scale

Not a weight scale but food scale. You can easily under estimate how much you actually eat. A food scale works wonders if you want to get super serious and down to business about your meals. With a good meal plan you can easily shed the weight right off your midsection and transform your body.

7. Sweater

The beginning of the year always means it’s cold. Don’t let the weather ruin your drive. Prepare yourself by investing in a sweater. You don’t want to start 2017 with the excuse it’s “too cold.”

8. Membership

A membership to a gym keeps you pumped. I must admit, I hate gym in January when they are jammed packed but there is something so energetic about them that keeps me wanting to go back. Everyone’s motivation and ambition is through the roof at this time of the year. But it so packed that you can’t do much and well yeah, that sucks. It’s very possible to do it on your own but a gym membership provides the group and tribe mindset. IMG_1303

9. Join a Challenge

Our 5 week challenge is capped off at 30 people per location which ensures that it won’t be jammed pack no matter at what session you come to. Each session is instructed by a coach to ensure your safety and make sure you get the best possible workout in 50 minutes. These 50 minute sessions are short yet effective to maximize the fat burning process even while you sleep. This Challenge starts January 16th , 2017. Here are some results from our last challenge. This exact challenge is 85% 0ff and only $97 bucks.


5 week challenge locations:

South Gate location – Click Here

Santa Fe Springs Location – Click Here

Long Beach Location – Click Here


Thank you for reading the 2017 checklist. Feel free to share this with anyone who needs to get dialed in for the a great 2017.

Eric Escobar – CEO of Camp Xcel











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