Stop Spending Time at The Gym

Working out at a mainstream gym can be intimidating, overcrowded, no fun, and the employees never seem to care or give you advice on how to get started.

Most of the time you are left alone to figure it out for yourself. Have you ever caught yourself like this girl below just waiting around for a cardio machine to open up?

Crowded Fitness Gym

We get it. Our program is designed to get you results in shortest time possible. You are reading this because you value your health and want to feel better but you don’t have 2-3 hours a day to spend at the gym.

If you are like most of our clients, you are busy! (activities with their kids, family outings and work.  So even if you wanted to spend 2-3 hours at the gym you just don’t have the time….

Frustration Builds…

After a few weeks of trying the gym thing you feel hopeless… No one to help and you decide to call it quits!


You are back to square one. this is the exact reason why we decided to create this short, quick pace Training Centers Called Camp Xcel in South Gate, Long Beach & Santa Fe Springs.  You will be in and out within an hour without compromising any results. Its doesn’t have to be frustration. It doesn’t have to be anger. It doesn’t have to be depression. You can make the change, all you need is the right guidance to get you there…

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Stephanie L. – 6 Month Transformation


Melanie M. Down 70+ pounds!


Angel S. – Mother of two…

Why Our System Works?

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Every Training session is led by an experienced Camp Xcel Boot Camp Coach. Our Training sessions will help you burn twice the fat in only half the time. At our fitness Boot Camp, our main purpose is to deliver the results you’ve always wanted.  Here at Camp Xcel We care, we educate & we motivate.

Join a group of individuals who are gaining power & confidence through their bodies…

Don’t sit on the sideline and play the waiting game. If you’ve read this far all we ask is for you to GIVE yourself a chance to a better body and lifestyle.